C Linked List Projects: Bsc, Diploma Mini Project Code

Linked List Project:  Create ,Append, Display and  Reverse a Linked list using Pointers in C

To see  how to use pointers to Arrays click: C pointer to Array

This is a simple post explaining the working and use of linked list.
Here we create and perform operations in a linked list using pointers.
As we use the concept of pointers here, we are doing the code in C language.
Hence this C Linked List Project can be taken as Mini Project for BSc., Diploma students…

What is Linked List?

  • Linked list,is an abstract data structure (ADS) also an important application of pointer.
  • A linked list is a data structure  used to store data items dynamically in the memory.
    Each element in the list has two fields. One is data field and the other is address field.
  • We can also define a  linked list as a list of elements in which the elements of the list can be placed anywhere in memory, and these elements are linked with each other using an address field, where the address of the next element in the link field is stored.

Scope of the Project:

Program to create a linked list. Then we can append, display and  reverse the created  linked list.
This led to better understanding of linked list. These things are done using pointers in C.

C Linked List Project Code:

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Thanks for reading…. Try the above program with various output. Hope you understand the working of the linked list.

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